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About Me

Hi, my name is Rebecca Kopycinski. I have over a decade of experience helping organizations tell their stories through video. Together, we have crafted narratives that help galvanize fundraising efforts, build brand awareness, and achieve mission-based goals. In a world increasingly dependent on digital connection, video is more important than ever.

It's important to me that my values align with the mission and work of the organizations with which I collaborate. I am always excited to partner with organizations that fight for racial equality and social justice, that focus on providing services that support women, that work toward ending homelessness, and that strive to amplify the voices of marginalized communities. As a singer/composer and performing artist in my free time , I'm also deeply invested in the arts. I've worked with homeless shelters, biomedical research institutions, conservation organizations, performing arts groups and individual artists,  LGBTQ advocates, and more.

Based in Somerville, MA, I offer full-service video production services to clients around New England. My work has taken me to Carnegie Hall in New York City, and across the globe to Israel, Turkey, Spain, and England.


I specialize in what I call micro-documentary storytelling. These emotionally compelling narratives introduce the viewer to your mission and invite them to connect with your work.


I direct the creative process from concept to finished product. I am accustomed to shooting live events, everyday operations/verité, and on-site interviews with my mobile video studio.

Motion Graphics

Sometimes your message is best conveyed with a dynamic animation or infographic. Whatever your needs, every video is finished with beautiful branded motion graphics.


Get In Touch

  • STUDIO ADDRESS [for visiting, not for mail]438 Somerville Avenue, Studio #8 Somerville, Massachusetts 02143
  • RLKopycinski@gmail.com
  • (603) 320-1591